006 CMC & CO Factory PART 1


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What do you get?

Scale 1:18 Diorama

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this is a biggy , enough floorspace
for several activities , 
part 1 containes a full factory enviroment
also suitable for outdoor photography
but perfect for display your models on
more than a 1/2 m2 surface

transparant windows complete the scene
to make fantastic looks !

- opening gates
- complete roof added with airvents
to give a rustic looks

easy flip and store , again comes with a 
shipping storage box 

006 CMC & Co Factory Part 1



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L 100 CM x B 45 CM x H 37 CM
L 39 INCH x W 18 INCH x H 14.5 INCH


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Full color 1440 DPI printed on high quality cardboard 1.5mm thick


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only the windows have to be glued or taped , rest is click and play